Adepticon 2019 Recap Pt. 2

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Long time no see Bat-Family. Sorry for the silence on my end, life has been extra busy these past few weeks and I’ve just finished (well mostly finished) recovering from eye surgery. The surgery had rendered me incapable of looking at a computer/phone screen, in addition I’ve had to use this past week to catch up on some of my obligations. Anyway, I’ve meant to put this post together ages ago, but better late than never right? Let’s get into Jason’s analysis of Adepticon 2019 for the BMG tournament.

Let’s revisit Jason’s lists that he built as a sort of “all-comers” list for both. Also stating that the idea was to deal with “smaller elite” crews. Let’s take a look.

List 1

  • Poison Ivy (Big Ivy) – modified pheromones
  • Harley Quinn (Gotham City Sirens)
  • Mutated plant 1
  • Mutated plant 2
  • Mutated plant 3
  • Carnivorous Plant
  • Tet
  • Stealth Op – Mutant Alterations
  • Dreadnought Op – Mutant Alterations, Mutation Serum

List 2

  • Poison Ivy (Big Ivy) – modified pheromones
  • Harley Quinn (Gotham City Sirens)
  • Scarecrow
  • Prisoner 1
  • Mutated Plant 3 – Titanic Mutation, Corrosive Blood
  • Stealth Op – Mutant Alterations
  • Dreadnought Op – Mutant Alterations, Mutation Serum, Rare Nth Medallion
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Jason’s thoughts on his list and his games

The main difference between the two lists is the lists composition – list 1 with Tet and more plants compared to list 2 which had Scarecrow and Pipe Prisoner. I’m really trying to prevent my opponent from getting to his objectives with the plants and the hard to hit guys (Adaptable from the Serum) and of course Mind Control. None of my opponents attempted to hit Stealth Op at Defense 5, so he was great at holding my objectives. Dreadnought was more in the forefront, still trying to score my other objective, but also able to kill a model when needed (ironically he had trouble putting down Cooki’s Pipe Prisoner)

My idea was to have Ivy and Tet on the hunt to control and hand out fire makers to models they cross paths with.Tet killed 5 models in total, burning High Security, and Icy in one game. The next game he killed Cash, QRT2 ,and Arkham Guard 3. Harley was used more as a Support piece. Disarray, Follow Me! (the veteran models could move that counter to help deal more damage if needed) and her guns were used to scare my opponent. With harley you either commit to her or avoid her. Although it’s pretty unanimous throughout the community, she’s a great model with lots of impact in a single game. Not many other models can run up side of the table to go beat Lincoln March to death with a baseball bat.

I want to talk about Scarecrow and Ivy, and how good they are. I’d say together they are significantly stronger than if you were to look at them as individual pieces.

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Scarecrow allows Ivy, or any other Mind Control user, to control higher willpower models with slightly more ease. He can also get a ping from Ivy’s roots. Charm is a good rule, and makes it tough to deal him in melee; however, there are still a lot of ways to put him down. Overall Scarecrow can easily die if you don’t act fast and cagey with him. Keep in mind that Persuasion can also help with positioning adding more control to his playstyle, it will help by giving him more breathing room, specifically forcing a model to activate, that may not want to activate. I used List 2 with him in it versus Ben and his BatB, also against Kevin’s Court.

I noticed in the games that his basic movement of 5” made a difference when catching models to spray as well as running to safety.

There’s not a whole lot to say about Ivy that we don’t already know. Against Kevin he passed the willpower tests 2 or 3 times, which was bad luck on my part since the models were at willpower 3 and 4 during those activations. I found myself constantly moving her up fast turn one. Then my opponent would rush me down, but unless they had a way around her Defense of 5, I’d just play cagey. I used Mind Control and Plants to back me up and take off some of the pressure.

Tet went on a killing spree, and as I mentioned before he had some key casualties. Controlling a model with Ivy allowed me to drop the model’s counters and the Tet could spray a nearby model catching 2-3 models easily, and with the loss of counters it was tough for my opponents to purge the fire markers off.

The plants were there simply to contest. I had about 2 seed markers near each objective, and placing the Caustic Plant in a good spot to shoot. Mutated Plant 3 is a steal with the Disruptor at 14 rep, so I included him to support my crew.

My main goal was to play fast on turn one, getting to my objectives and playing very cagey. Tet was the MVP but Kabuto and Pipe Prisoner were also doing a lot of work. Dreadnought did a great job, but he’s not going to be taking down the bat anytime soon. He really benefited from Harley consistently backing him up.   

Overall, both lists were fast. It 100% came down what my opponent had in his list to help decide if I would run list 1 or 2.


Adepticon 2019: The Cooki Connection

Hey Everyone, part 2 of Jason’s Adepticon write up is coming soon, but I wanted to provide you all with something a little special. I had the chance to pick Aaron “Cooki” Cook’s brain about Adepticon after taking home first place. Without further adieu I present to you the Omaha Onlsaught, The Midwest Mayhem — Aaron “Cooki” Cook

I’ve been miniature gaming since I was about 10-11 years old, so about 16 years now (currently 27) I’ve played a ton of games from any Clix series, any GW game, warmachine/hordes, malifaux, etc… I haven’t won many major events but have placed/won a decent amount of smaller events. I don’t consider myself a “power gamer” because most of the time I just try and make things I like work. I’m notorious around the Midwest for using sub-par stuff and doing well with it. Batman is probably the “hardest” I’ve gamed in a while and even then it’s only about half of the time. 

How long have you been playing Batman; moreover, how long have you been playing in BMG specific tournaments?

I’ve been playing Batman for around 2 years. Been going to Batman events since I’ve started. The Des Moines guys and us (Omaha) have hosted a few events for BMG.

What were your thoughts going into Adepticon from a player/strategic standpoint? Tell me why you chose your lists and what you aimed to accomplish with them if anything specific. What were you hoping to see or not hoping to see at Adepticon from a strategic standpoint? (IE: weaknesses/strengths)

Last year I placed second and Karl from Canada placed first. We both used basically identical lists. How the rounds and VPs went, we dodged each other and were both undefeated. So this year I knew I had to step up my game, Omaha thinks Freeze and Owls are the top two crews in the game currently after Society nerfs (which now has changed because of Joker’s bikes and that sweet DKR box, but that’s another discussion). So my buddy was taking Owls for sure, so I could have borrowed another friends Owl crew or just run Freeze. I went with Freeze because I like using big badass free agents a lot. That being said I knew I was afraid of Owls, Penguin, and Militia probably the most. So I built both of my lists to be able to feel comfortable enough to handle either in any scenario. I knew most of the time I’m dropping The Batman Who Laughs list anyways. The Enchantress was just to list-chicken some people. I dropped the Batman Who Laughs list 3 of 4 games.

Give me a brief rundown of how you felt about the games you played in specifically, and
what were your thoughts on your fellow players as a whole?

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I got to play against completely new opponents for this tournament, which is a nice change.

First round I played against Jason Thompson in Secure the area. He dropped Ivy, Harley, Tet, Kabuto, Dreadnought Op, and 3 plants and I dropped my The Batman Who Laughs list. I picked Ice Field, Change of Plans, and Vandalism. I probably should have picked something else besides change of plans. He picked 2 patrols and Ivy’s strategy. I knew going into this match that it was going to be cagey and a very low VP scoring game because Freeze plays defense very well and Ivy’s plants are annoying. He made some very clutch Ice Flash rolls on Tet and he was tearing up my flank of High Security and double shovel guys. The game changed in my favor when I tempted Ivy into mind controlling High Security and a shovel with good counters on them, he took the bait and I failed both of my willpower rolls but then managed to take down Ivy with Freeze and Batman Who Laughs. It came down to my shovel guy surviving Dreadnought Op last turn to contest his Medical Supplies, which pushed it to a minor win for me. Very close game and a very cool and chill opponent in Jason Thompson. I got in a total of 3 pick up games with Jason over the Adepticon weekend.

Second game was against one of the Canhammer guys, Andrew Atkins. The scenario was looting and I went with the Batman Who Laughs/Freeze list and he dropped an Arkham Asylum Joker, Rebirth Harley, Borgon, Rasta Clown, Hobo, Master of Ceremonies, Pipe Clown, and Punker list. I went with double Fast Advance and Andrew picked Joker’s strategy, and Change of Plans. I knew going into this match up I needed a bunch of VPs because I was way behind the top three on VPs scored after the first round. Playing against Joker with only five rounds I needed to jump on objectives quick and out-last him, which is why the double Fast Advance was picked. I think Andrew’s biggest flaw, to me, was that it seemed like he didn’t have a game-plan throughout the game. At one point of the game he threw Joker’s explosive weapon at The Batman Who Laughs and did damage, I told him to use luck and fish for a knockdown. He didn’t realize ranged attacks can knock down large/huge guys. He got the crit and proceeded to chop The Batman Who Laughs in two with Master of Ceremonies, but Andrew had taken massive causalities and couldn’t come back. That game ended in a major victory for me. Andrew was a easy going guy, I enjoyed the game.

Game three was against Matt from Minnesota. We were playing Asphalt Jungle. He only had one list and it was the Penguin bat-box with a Scope on Tanner. I was about to drop the The Batman Who Laughs list again and then changed my mind because the Enchantress list was designed to fight crews more like the penguin bat-box (IE: some scary guns and lots of low powered henchman). I was afraid of tanner just 1-2 rounding The Batman Who Laughs before he got stuck in the mob of henchmen so that’s why I went with the Enchantress list. Matt is a fairly new player, I believe he said this was his 5th game and he had never played against Enchantress nor Freeze, so I knew it was going to be brutal for him. He deployed Tanner on a far flank with decent line of sight but then I counter deployed High Security with Bulletproof Vest/Grapple Gun within 12” and out of line of sight to threaten him right away. Tanner was my biggest concern from the start. He pulled first and shot my Whistle-Shovel and put 6 blood on him, then he used a sewer to go on top of a building near my deployment zone. I put my sewers all on top of buildings for the sole purpose of knowing that I could out-fight Penguin, so if he wanted to use sewers then I could out score him as well. I saved Enchantress for going last and zipped up the field to mind control Lark. Second round of the game is where it got brutal, I knew I had a good chance to pull first and with Tanner out of the game for this turn (sewer placements) I positioned myself for a good round of double sprays. Between Enchantress and two sprays his crew fell apart quick. We only got to round 5. Matt took the loss well and this is a situation where a second list designed to fight more of the top tier free agents and more games under his belt could change everything.

So going into the final round I was in fourth place. The top three guys were running VP farming type lists, so the only chance of me winning the tournament was for the top table to pull a draw and me to win. So knowing this I just needed a 5 point lead and hope for the best. My opponent was another guy from Canada, Will Paul. I was looking at his crew the entire tournament and was a bit afraid to play against it. I don’t have much experience against Riddler bots and hoped for a decent scenario against it as well (which two of the four scenarios that I would want to play against him in were already played). He was using Modern Age Riddler as the Mechanic Riddler which I didn’t know until we sat down and discussed lists, once he told me that I was a bit more at ease because I was thinking he could use regular objectives, drop riddles, and clues. His list was just the bot-spam clue and riddle farm with Ratcatcher. We were playing skirmish, a decent scenario to fight the bots against. I knew the bots don’t really want to fight and I need to get on them right away. So double Fast Advance was the choice, needing 4 strategy points to use two fast advances I needed to drop The Batman Who Laughs list. I set up super aggressively and was looking to match his points along the way and hope that I could make him run away (kill 70% of his crew). He set up his bots along his entire deployment but then clustered Riddler, Bodyguard Bot, and two other bots with the riddle dropping equipment in threat range of my two sprays and The Batman Who Laughs. To me this was his biggest mistake of the game. I pulled first and used freeze to inspire, ice flash, and spray 5 guys. Then my second activation was Coldy with the same 5-man spray. I didn’t care if I was wounding on 5’s because of the bot trait/Light Armor. I was just putting on a bunch of early damage that can only be healed by Riddler. It got crazy fast with High Security/The Batman Who Laughs and both shovels getting into it by turn 2. The mistake I made that game was forgetting he used Riddler’s strategy on one of my shovel guys and forgetting about it until he mentioned it in the recount phase, not a huge mistake but something to remember. After the first three rounds he didn’t have much left and I was up 1-2 points. At the end of round three I counted up rep and he made his run away check and failed it. So that pushed me to a major win due to bonus points. Will Paul was a great opponent and would play against him any time.

What are your plans for Batman moving forward?

I told myself after Adepticon to tone down my lists a little and I’m probably going back into Bane or Central City. I picked up a bunch of scatter terrain at Adepticon and need to start demo-ing around my area and build the community here. 

What advice could you give to other players that are either interested in competitive play or interested in improving their play?

My biggest advise for players is to really start talking about things you don’t know how to play against/have troubles against and figure them out. Even in friendly games my buddies and I will talk to each other and figure out what the best course of action is at any state of the game. It helps with knowing our own crew better but more importantly knowing what the enemy wants/plans to do.

How do you think BMG could be improved? Or what changes would affect the game’s quality for the better?

I think Knight should tap into their community a bit more and get some more feedback. In all fairness though Knight has been doing a pretty good job with the game more recently.

I would like to say that I enjoyed the Batman tournament at Adepticon. There has been talk about how terrain was terrible and there was a pairing issue round 2, but all in all it was worth going to still. I even stated that at first glance the tables didn’t look amazing but they played fine, maybe besides 1-2 of them. The pairing issue was a bit frustrating but to be honest I think if I hadn’t said anything, people probably wouldn’t have really noticed/cared. I just love the game and want to play, that’s really the only thing I care about.

Aaron “Cooki” Cook

At First Glance: Archie & Joker’s Bikers Pt. 2

You may not be cool enough to ride a motorcycle, but these clowns sure are. If you’re not getting Road rash (1994) vibes then I feel bad for you. Let’s continue on with these jocular speed demons.


Here’s the deal… these guys are good. I’m still toying with them and thinking about how they fit exactly into lists, but at first glance they’re solid and in easy contention for top Joker henchmen. Firs things first they have a decent henchmen stat-line with a slightly above average endurance stat. because of Fast and Special Base the bikers are going to move at a base of 8″, and with full movement allocation they’re threat range is 12″, 13″ and 15″ (because of reach) for Biker 2 who has Anxiety.

Let’s chat about the weapons each biker has. The short of it is that the weapons are great. Biker 1 has a double blood short range gun with Assault 3, making his moving and shooting an easy choice, effectively only losing 1 rate of fire for accomplishing exactly what he wants to. Biker 2 is sporting a 1 blood 1 stun weapon with Handy and Reach, making his threat range insane for a henchman and he’s re-rolling his failed hits. Finally Biker 3 is donning a blade, a double blood weapon that is Heavy and Overwhelming. This effectively makes him a base strength of 4+ with a -1 for anyone attempting to block him. The rules associated with each weapon are great, and make each one them valuable coupled with their other rules and stats.

We know that they’re fast, but lets take a look at their other rules and how they affect their potential. Death Pack just got a whole lot more dangerous. Biker 2 and 3 have it and together the enemy model is going to significantly easier to hit. On top of the hit chance going up, these guys are getting free attack dice, for an even easier time to put the hurt on someone. Always on Move (I think they a word) is a new rule and it’s a doozy. This makes it so that each biker can effectively cruise up to an enemy model, attack it, and then keep on moving. It’s a really nice rule when the biker is wanting to do a hit and run so to speak, but because of Death Pack it’s not going to be utilized when the biker’s are ready to jump on someone for reliable damage. I think that the gun toting biker (1) and the hockey stick biker (2) benefit from this the most.

Special Base allows for all the benefits and slight drawbacks of being a Large model, most importantly Charge. With Charge, Death Pack and Biker 3’s Bloodthirsty, this is one scary trio. If you’re also running Bud and Lou in your list you have fast moving, hard hitting death-ball zooming around the table. This is something I’d be eager to try and I could see being a gimmicky, yet effective list.

I think that these guys are definitely an option to consider, in fact as it currently stands I would try to fit them in any Joker list that I’m kicking around. As mentioned before, I’m curious to see how they function with Bud and Lou, and just to go Crazy throw roller-skate Harley in there to zoom around with the rest of Joker’s athletes.

At First Glance: Archie & Joker’s Bikers Pt. 1

Emo Dwarf and the Sons of Anarky

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I posted these pictures the moment they hit the web. This is an exciting release for Joker since he’s needing more options in standard currently. This box set contains Archie, a new sidekick for Joker and 3 Biker henchmen. Let’s take a look and I’ll give you my 2 cents just from a first look at their rules.

Insert Rorschach Pagliacci quote here

Archie is a brand new Sidekick and model in the game. You may also recognize him as the drunk clown at your 5th birthday who was crying in his car prior to blowing up some multicolored balloon swords. As you may or may not know, several of the models in the game have various versions or sculpts, and this is first iteration of Archie we’re getting. Let me preface this by saying options are always appreciated in this game, especially new options. Let’s take a look at his rules and get right into it.

Looking at his basic stats, we see he’s a Joker Sidekick, he’s cheap at 35 rep, no funding cost and a henchman-like stat line, with a solid willpower stat for his cost. The only reason you take Archie is because his special rules are very unique and can cause your opponent some serious problems. We’re familiar with half of his rules. Small gives Archie a +1 to his ping rolls, making it harder for him to be shot at by firearms, and Luck allows him to re-roll any failed dice roll for a special. I’ll make the argument that this trait will mostly be used to re-roll failed blocks. Sad Life is a new rule to the game, Archie being the only model to possess it so far. Any enemy model within 6″ of Archie has to spend an additional counter to perform actions or use traits that require counters. Finally Truly Immortal (another new rule unique to Archie) makes it so that he cannot be knocked out or casualty’d in any way, this includes being arrested or affected by cruel/take down. Instead of being knocked out or removed as a casualty, he removes one damage marker and Archie’s opponent moves him up to 4″ away from his previous location.

Archie as is, is a solid choice and is going to be very annoying to deal with, there is no way to remove him and because he can easily contest your objectives, or camp his own without penalty, you’re going to want to attack him after he’s activated that round. If you attack him before he activates he’ll be able to easily move back to wherever he wants to be. Archie’s main downfall is that he’s going to be hired in place of either Harley (unless taking the Free Agent roller-skate Harley) or Joker, which is a tough sell. If he’s take in lieu of Harley, you’re losing a strong model that does a lot of work in your Joker crew. Harley is very fast and can affect the outcome of many situations. Losing a versatile model that has a ton of impact is something to mull over. If you decide to take him instead of Joker then you’re mainly losing Kaos Agent which is somewhat detrimental to a Joker crew. Can it be done without? Absolutely, but giving all of your henchmen Trickster through the inclusion of Joker is reason enough to play a Joker crew.

His rank is Archie’s only downside (and he’s a little slow at movement 2), I would argue that the rest of what he does is extremely positive. He’s not going to run around and crush henchmen or other Free Agent’s/ Sidekicks/Leaders, but he’s going to interrupt what your opponent will want to do for the majority of the game, which is extremely valuable. Since Archie is so cheap you won’t really need to justify his point cost and wonder if a model with no combat potential is worth taking, he’s easily the cheapest support piece in the game, and to top everything off, he awards no VP’s to your opponent since he cannot be KO’d or casualty’d. This is huge, one of the reasons why players are reluctant to take cheaper squishy sidekicks like Quelle for example, is because she’s easy to remove and gives up 4 VP’s. Archie gives up nothing and can be an incredible nuisance for your opponent. If Archie was a henchmen he would be an auto-include, and even at his current rank I could easily see him included in many Joker lists.

Keep in mind that if Archie is hired as the Leader, that you won’t ever need a bodyguard, you won’t have to worry about keeping him safe, you will completely invalidate the use of any model with the Assassin X rule. Although the assassin rule isn’t a big deal, the other points I mentioned can make a significant change in play style and crew building. I would want to sewer him up the board turn 1, so that he can make use of Sad Life and Truly Immortal. Archie is slow at movement 2, so using the sewers is going to be key to move him around effectively. You’re going to want to use him to camp you’re own objectives or to contest your opponent’s, saving Luck to re-roll failed blocks when your opponent decides he/she wants to move Archie off of something will also be important. With Luck on blocks, you can really irritate your opponent who may need to throw multiple models into him in order to move him (can’t say remove, because he can’t be removed). Archie will easily earn his rep cost if you tunnel him between sewers to interrupt both sides of the board. Countering him will be tough. You’ll have to deal with him AFTER he activates and not before, and you’ll also need to figure out a way to play around him, whether that means you’re including elements that help you remove sewers, or possibly using effects that strip him of counters, and even then he can still get a lot of value in your crew.

See Pt. 2 where I take a look at the Bikers…

Free Agents: King Shark

“More food for the sharkticons!”

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite pants-wearing Finding Nemo villain – King Shark. Shark as he currently stands in second edition is a great addition to a crew looking for a melee beat-stick. With Shark being affiliate unknown and only rivaling the Brave and the Bold, he’s an option for the majority of crews and teams. When evaluating whether or not to take Shark into your list you should first understand his role and what he’s going to do for you. Let’s take a look at his card.


He’s coming in at 95 Rep and no cost to your funding with a solid stat line and a high damage output potential. With his core stats you can see at attack 5 with 3+ strength that he’s going to want to put his hands on someone. Furthermore, he can easily snap henchman like twigs, but also will be able to go toe to toe with a more formidable opponent. His weapon profile “Claws & Teeth” on their own are fine; however, coupled with Devastating and a few other abilities, he can turn into an absolute terror. For each successful damage he’s putting 1 blood and 1 stun onto his target and with Combo that’s a potential 7 attacks going through. Now, if shark is injured at all he’s gaining another attack counter from Bloodthirsty putting him at a potential attack output of 9 attacks (6 attack counters plus 3 from combo). His attacks are devastating, meaning he’s rolling 2 collateral die and applying both results and he’s Brutal so he has an innate bonus to crit chance and/or knocking down his opponents. Shark is mostly going to be putting out 6 or so attacks because he won’t benefit as much from loading his attack completely with combo, only applying for each 2 attack counter intervals. This also allows for shark to save some counters for Regeneration, defending or making use of Swift to increase Shark’s threat range. Keep in mind that because shark is a base attack of 5, your opponent will need to block on 5’s as well, making him a tough model to defend against. Blood Scent is going to be what you need to make Shark more reliable against tougher opponents. Once they’re injured he can go in with +1 to hit and +1 to strength. Making it easier for him to chew through models with higher defense and making his damage rolls close to certainty. Finally his size is going to give him access to Charge which can be very impact-ful against henchmen balls.

Another component that makes your melee beat-stick a threat is how quickly he/she can get to a model. Since Shark is Huge he has a base movement of 7″, three more inches of base movement than your average 30mm base model. Should you need additional movement he’s Swift as I mentioned before, meaning he’s moving and additional 6″ when you allocate 2 counters into movement. This makes Shark’s threat range 13″ which will often get him into contact with what he needs to reach. Shark also has access to Amphibious, which will allow him to access a sewer for 1 counter instead of 2. This can often be useful for traversing the board, or exiting an area to safety, and with the cost of less counters this will help him defend or regenerate if he finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Shark’s weakest point is his ability to survive. Yes he has endurance 8, but his defense is average at 3. The issue is that half of all incoming melee attacks are going to get through, and without Martial Artist and being so big, a few models can outnumber him and bring him down to defense 2. The silver lining is that Shark has a Bulletproof Vest in the form of Meta-Skin making his survivability against guns significant, and with access to Regeneration he can heal himself as needed. My main point with his weakness is that he does not have access to Sturdy or Desensitized making him starved for counters as he takes damage, which he can accumulate rather easily for a free agent.

Hey you guuuuuuuuuys

Recap / Strategy / Personal Experience

Shark is a murder machine, chomping those pearly whites into anyone and everyone he crosses paths with. We know that hes great at beating-up henchmen and has the ability to go toe to toe with some heavy hitters with less ease, but possible nonetheless. We also know that he’s relatively quick which couples nicely with his ability to rip through models, and finally his only downfall is his low defense and that he can be put down fairly easy for a high rep cost model.

Shark is great to take when your crew lacks melee power, and since he’s not in the triple digits for rep cost, he can fit into a lot of lists without breaking the bank so to speak. It’s important to play him into situations where you can somewhat predict the outcome or be aware of the potential backlash. This means you’ll want to throw him in knowing he can survive or pick off a model without a ton of risk. Look at him as a glass cannon, he has high damage output potential, but he will pay dearly for you overextending him. Also keep in mind that he’s big and it wont take much for your opponent to outnumber him and take him out. One neat trick is that he can score all of your objectives at once if the objectives are placed near each other (legally). This is something you can do with any Huge 60mm model, but since Shark wants to fight this is something that should be done only if your opponent is not contesting or scoring and he can do it safely. Realistically he should be out fighting while your low-cost goons score your objectives, but remember this is a possibility for you. Run him around the board as a hunter and don’t feel like your wasting your efforts picking off henchmen because this is his job and he does it very well.

I like Shark in gun heavy crews like organized crime, since he can put his hands on your enemies while the rest of the crew sets up to shoot, and with a threat like shark in the forefront your opponent is going to be forced to deal with him instead of rolling through your gun-wielding henchmen. Just be careful not to overextend him and get him killed. At this point I would also say he’s pretty much an auto-include in Suicide Squad. Squad has limited options and some of them are flat-out weak choices; whereas Shark is a strong choice in any crew. He also benefits greatly from Squad’s Airborne Deployment.

Consider taking Shark in your lists and let me know how he fares. Thanks for taking a look and make sure you don’t get your period in Shark infested waters. See you soon.


What is The Batman Miniatures Game?

Bruce “The Edgelord” Wayne

The Batman Miniatures Game (BMG) is a skirmish tabletop game centered around the DC Universe’s brooding, edgy, tragic superhero vigilante ‘Batman’. The game is set in Gotham City or any other landscapes that fit the Batverse whether that’s Bludhaven, The Bat Cave, some twisted theme park operating as the Joker’s latest base of operations and anything in-between. As a player you have the option of playing as any of your favorite Batverse/DC hero or villain and his or her associated ‘goons’. The game starts with you and your opponents crew and plays around the interaction between them. One thing I will say is that this game plays very cinematic, more than most tabletop games. Knocking out a gun-wielding thug and then zipping up to the rooftop of a nearby building feels like Batman. Each activation of a character or model plays just like you’d imagine, or at least pretty close to it. Let’s talk about a few key points and I’ll post some useful links at the end of this post to help you get started.

I’m assuming you here for one or more reasons. The first being that you’re a tabletop gamer who’s also a fan of Batman or the DCU. Secondly, maybe you’re just a big comic book fan and you think the models look cool. Third, you’ve been coerced by your friends to play with little hand-painted figurines on a 3D board-game-like tabletop. Whatever your reasoning might be is good enough to at least check things out.

The Bane-Train

Let’s chat about crews for a moment. One of my favorite things about Batman is not just the Dark knight himself, but he has an amazing rogues gallery. All your favorite villains are here including everyone’s favorite drug addict Bane. Whether your heart is as cold as Mr. Freeze or you see yourself as a clown much like The Joker, or maybe you can relate to the family man cop Jim Gordon – there’s a crew for you. Now I won’t dive into the inner-workings of every crew in the game, at least not yet. I would say the first thing you should consider is what will you have the most fun playing. I always recommend playing something that matches your personality either aesthetically or play-style. That could also be as simple as picking your favorite character and building a crew around him/her, or maybe your the type to say “I just want to beat up other models effectively,” whatever that motivation is explore the model range and read through the rules to help you decide.

Named after the nickname you gave yourself as a 7 year old to sound cool — Nightwing

Some of you may be overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin. Though this is outlined in the book, you’ll need models with specific ranks to fill out your crew. They are: Leaders, Sidekicks, Free Agents and Henchmen. These ranks can be complex, but for the most part you’ll just need a Leader and from there with some constraints you can build outward with henchmen and maybe a sidekick or maybe even a team of characters like The Bat-Family. The catalyst of crew building revolves around resources and you have two to focus on. First we have reputation, this represents the core value of the model. For example Batman may be upwards of 125 reputation, whereas a measly guard might be 21 reputation. In a friendly game you can set your crew limits to be whatever you want, but the most common form of play is 350 Reputation and $1500 funding (Tournament and Batmatch Standard). For example, in a crew allowing for 350 reputation Batman will take up 125 of that and a guard 21 more, leaving the crew 204 remaining reputation for you to fill out. Next we have funding, this represents equipment that is either purchased after building a crew or an associated cost for a model. For instance, you might be eyeing another guard to stick with Batman, and he’s got a sweet assault rifle to pepper some makeup wearing thugs. now the guard himself is 26 reputation, but he also will cost you $600 in funding because those guns aren’t cheap and maybe after hiring him into the crew you want to make sure he’s got an extra clip so that’s another $200 tacked on, leaving you with 178 rep and $700 funding left. Thought this is just one example I think you get the gist.

Oh boy, Joker and his freaks sure are excited to see that Hot Topic is having another sale!

This has been a brief insight to the game. Obviously there is a lot more to cover, but I wanted to just touch on a few things that might interest you enough to look deeper. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need some guidance, you can also find me the Arkham Rejects Discord chat daily. Here are some helpful links to scratch your Bat itch, cheers.

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