About Me

Greetings Bat-Family, my name is Karl and I am addicted to Batman.

I’ve been playing the Batman Miniature game back before First Edition had a rulebook. At that time it was a horribly translated PDF with more holes in the rules then a slice of swiss cheese. I played a decent amount at that time and when the Expansion book hit following the Arkham Knight video game quite some time later I took a long hiatus. I resurfaced when 2nd edition launched and have been playing since.

I play a number of crews and I’d consider myself somewhat of a collector, but the crews I play mostly are: Central City Villains, Organized Crime, Court of Owls and Militia. I love variety and with the cool options in this game I find myself playing different crews and lineups constantly. I play in a lot of tournaments and try as much as I can to grow the community and keep the game relevant in my local scene.

More than anything I’m a huge comic book fan and a DC fanboy for the most part. I love Batman specifically and the complexity of his rogues and supporting characters. Anything else you might want to know you’ll have to ask or score off of my online dating profile.

Instagram: @solitaire_bmg