Adepticon 2019 Recap Pt. 2

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Long time no see Bat-Family. Sorry for the silence on my end, life has been extra busy these past few weeks and I’ve just finished (well mostly finished) recovering from eye surgery. The surgery had rendered me incapable of looking at a computer/phone screen, in addition I’ve had to use this past week to catch up on some of my obligations. Anyway, I’ve meant to put this post together ages ago, but better late than never right? Let’s get into Jason’s analysis of Adepticon 2019 for the BMG tournament.

Let’s revisit Jason’s lists that he built as a sort of “all-comers” list for both. Also stating that the idea was to deal with “smaller elite” crews. Let’s take a look.

List 1

  • Poison Ivy (Big Ivy) – modified pheromones
  • Harley Quinn (Gotham City Sirens)
  • Mutated plant 1
  • Mutated plant 2
  • Mutated plant 3
  • Carnivorous Plant
  • Tet
  • Stealth Op – Mutant Alterations
  • Dreadnought Op – Mutant Alterations, Mutation Serum

List 2

  • Poison Ivy (Big Ivy) – modified pheromones
  • Harley Quinn (Gotham City Sirens)
  • Scarecrow
  • Prisoner 1
  • Mutated Plant 3 – Titanic Mutation, Corrosive Blood
  • Stealth Op – Mutant Alterations
  • Dreadnought Op – Mutant Alterations, Mutation Serum, Rare Nth Medallion
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Jason’s thoughts on his list and his games

The main difference between the two lists is the lists composition – list 1 with Tet and more plants compared to list 2 which had Scarecrow and Pipe Prisoner. I’m really trying to prevent my opponent from getting to his objectives with the plants and the hard to hit guys (Adaptable from the Serum) and of course Mind Control. None of my opponents attempted to hit Stealth Op at Defense 5, so he was great at holding my objectives. Dreadnought was more in the forefront, still trying to score my other objective, but also able to kill a model when needed (ironically he had trouble putting down Cooki’s Pipe Prisoner)

My idea was to have Ivy and Tet on the hunt to control and hand out fire makers to models they cross paths with.Tet killed 5 models in total, burning High Security, and Icy in one game. The next game he killed Cash, QRT2 ,and Arkham Guard 3. Harley was used more as a Support piece. Disarray, Follow Me! (the veteran models could move that counter to help deal more damage if needed) and her guns were used to scare my opponent. With harley you either commit to her or avoid her. Although it’s pretty unanimous throughout the community, she’s a great model with lots of impact in a single game. Not many other models can run up side of the table to go beat Lincoln March to death with a baseball bat.

I want to talk about Scarecrow and Ivy, and how good they are. I’d say together they are significantly stronger than if you were to look at them as individual pieces.

Related image

Scarecrow allows Ivy, or any other Mind Control user, to control higher willpower models with slightly more ease. He can also get a ping from Ivy’s roots. Charm is a good rule, and makes it tough to deal him in melee; however, there are still a lot of ways to put him down. Overall Scarecrow can easily die if you don’t act fast and cagey with him. Keep in mind that Persuasion can also help with positioning adding more control to his playstyle, it will help by giving him more breathing room, specifically forcing a model to activate, that may not want to activate. I used List 2 with him in it versus Ben and his BatB, also against Kevin’s Court.

I noticed in the games that his basic movement of 5” made a difference when catching models to spray as well as running to safety.

There’s not a whole lot to say about Ivy that we don’t already know. Against Kevin he passed the willpower tests 2 or 3 times, which was bad luck on my part since the models were at willpower 3 and 4 during those activations. I found myself constantly moving her up fast turn one. Then my opponent would rush me down, but unless they had a way around her Defense of 5, I’d just play cagey. I used Mind Control and Plants to back me up and take off some of the pressure.

Tet went on a killing spree, and as I mentioned before he had some key casualties. Controlling a model with Ivy allowed me to drop the model’s counters and the Tet could spray a nearby model catching 2-3 models easily, and with the loss of counters it was tough for my opponents to purge the fire markers off.

The plants were there simply to contest. I had about 2 seed markers near each objective, and placing the Caustic Plant in a good spot to shoot. Mutated Plant 3 is a steal with the Disruptor at 14 rep, so I included him to support my crew.

My main goal was to play fast on turn one, getting to my objectives and playing very cagey. Tet was the MVP but Kabuto and Pipe Prisoner were also doing a lot of work. Dreadnought did a great job, but he’s not going to be taking down the bat anytime soon. He really benefited from Harley consistently backing him up.   

Overall, both lists were fast. It 100% came down what my opponent had in his list to help decide if I would run list 1 or 2.


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